Modern luxury products for the most beautiful feel-good experience from Kärntner Strasse to 5th Avenue. For the ages. That is what MOHAROS Vienna stands for. To ensure this, our standard of quality is not only high-end, we also make sure that customers can have faith in our brand and our products. You can fully trust us when we say that our products are 100% handcrafted.

At MOHAROS Vienna, social and environmental responsibility are not just slogans, but a big personal concern. Our products are designed in Vienna and 100% handcrafted by an expert team in both Vienna and Italy, using only the finest quality materials. Cashmere, one of the most valuable and finest natural fibres, is sourced exclusively from the best Italian suppliers, while our furs are from long-standing partner companies in Europe, where the origin is assured. Species-appropriate husbandry directly affects the quality of the furs, which our customers can see and feel in our products. A good working atmosphere and fair pay for our staff is also very important to us.