About MOHAROS Vienna

MOHAROS is an Austrian brand that specializes in luxurious, timeless and feminine fashion  – 100% handmade in VIENNA. For me, everything revolves around the materials cashmere, wool and silk. My grandmother Elisabeth already laid the foundation for MOHAROS Vienna, because she also conjured up beautiful coats with high quality materials. My father took the same route and is an expert on this area. 


The cuddly warm MOHAROS models dress my customers in a garment of constancy, reliability and straightforwardness. In today’s globalized world it is very difficult to do something local and to find something special. All boutiques from Shanghai to New York offer the same brands and products. That’s the reason why I have decided to create a collection that is unique, high quality and special and stands out from the crowd.


Every single model is closely linked to my biography and has a unique history. Not infrequently there are places that inspire me to new designs, whereby my hometown Vienna has  a very special place in my heart. Moharos’ refined and versatile designs capture the enduring elegance and “certain something” of the old Danube metropolis, a city that is famous for being different. When you choose a MOHAROS garment, you choose not only absolute luxury and the finest craftsmanship but also individuality, uniqueness, and timeless Viennese design which will never go out of style.


As a guarantee for the love to detail and for the love, each piece is proudly carrying a 14k gold logo.