Lena Reversible

100 % Cashmere Double Face reversible

Model Lena is a young design, straightforward, delicate, simple and so fantastic to combine. It can be worn with jeans, a skirt and blouse as well as with dresses – sneakers or high heels, everything is possible and therefore wonderfully changeable. Available in many colors.

This cashmere differs greatly from the previous cashmere fabrics that Simone Moharos worked with. It’s thinner and lighter, making it ideal for summer. Reversible possible.



100 % cashmere


87 cm




14K yellow gold logo / plastic-free

Care of cashmere: If you want to enjoy your MOHAROS cashmere model for a long time, bring it – in case of stubborn stains – to a cleaning service you trust. Cashmere should be washed or cleaned as little as possible, because the wool obtained from the fur of the cashmere goat is very delicate. Cashmere models can also be aired overnight on the balcony or terrace. Here you can make good use of the “self-recovery effect” of cashmere. Another very efficient method: hang in the bathroom while showering – the moisture makes wrinkles disappear.

Absolutely don’t: soak and brush. The cashmere becomes matted.

We would be happy to recommend our preferred cleaning to you. Our cooperation partner for cashmere cleaning is Aurora Textil & Lederreinigung – www.aurora-wien.at