Meghan Pink

This model emerged from the discussions in St.Moritz. Because there are many women who love to wear longer coats. Since Simone Moharos herself is not one of the tall women, she did not notice personally that her models from the collections were not particularly long, especially not for taller women. So she knew she needed a new, longer model. The bright pink made her opt for a playful, friendly, silk lining. This model has already been ordered in 100% cashmere double face in red-orange reversible. As you can see, MOHAROS Vienna can adapt your wishes to your individual needs and thus make you stand out from the crowd.



50 % cashmere, 50 % wool


100 cm




ceramic buttons from Paris

Inner lining:

100% silk from Italy


14K white gold logo / plastic-free

Care of cashmere: If you want to enjoy your MOHAROS cashmere model for a long time, bring it – in case of stubborn stains – to a cleaning service you trust. Cashmere should be washed or cleaned as little as possible, because the wool obtained from the fur of the cashmere goat is very delicate. Cashmere models can also be aired overnight on the balcony or terrace. Here you can make good use of the “self-recovery effect” of cashmere. Another very efficient method: hang in the bathroom while showering – the moisture makes wrinkles disappear.

Absolutely don’t: soak and brush. The cashmere becomes matted.

We would be happy to recommend our preferred cleaning to you. Our cooperation partner for cashmere cleaning is Aurora Textil & Lederreinigung –